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EPD SCU and SWAT Arrest Man After Shots Fired on Balboa St.

Eugene, Ore. – On August 15 at 8:52 p.m., Eugene Police received multiple reports of shots fired in the 1700 block of Balboa Street.     The source of the shots fired was determined to be coming from a residence occupied by Douglas Rodger Engel, age 50. Firing a pistol in a residential neighborhood poses […]

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Highlights of Six Months of EPD Street Crimes Unit Arrests

Eugene, Ore. – A couple of Eugene Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit officers were assigned to later night shifts intermittently and have some great results EPD wants to share. Below is a synopsis of cases they have put together during the past six months.   January –  Anthony Andreotti search warrant service. January 12, 2022, […]

police street crimes unit eugene oregon

EPD SCU Search Warrant Two Arrested, and Guns, Money and Narcotics Recovered

Eugene, Ore. – On June 29 at approximately 4:30 p.m., Eugene Police SWAT, Street Crimes Unit, Special Investigations Unit, and Drone Team executed a simultaneous narcotics and firearms search warrant at 3272 Kevington Avenue, and 2177 W. 7th Place.   EPD SCU had received numerous public complaints regarding frequent, short-stay traffic and suspected drug dealing at […]

police street crimes unit eugene oregon

EPD Street Crimes Unit Focusing on Direct Neighborhood Impact

Eugene, Ore. – The Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit has been focusing on issues that are having a direct neighborhood impact. The unit is often receiving crime or drug tips from neighbors, which have stimulated or generated the investigations.   Here are some updates in recent cases:     Fugitive from Justice – On May 24, […]

police street crimes unit eugene oregon

EPD Street Crimes Unit Recounts Action-Packed 2021

Eugene, Ore. –  Synonymous with effective, focused operations that target immediate and acute community safety system issues (and funded by Eugene’s Community Safety Initiative).   Eugene Police’s Street Crimes Unit provided service daily to make the city a safer place. In 2021, this team saved lives and navigated everything from quality of life crimes to […]

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Street Crimes Unit Arrests Drug Dealer in Park

Eugene, OR – On December 15, Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit assisted EPD Park Resource officers with a person suspected of dealing drugs at Washington Jefferson Park. There were concerns that if a person established an illegal narcotics trade inside the park, it could create an avenue for people with substance use issues to be […]

street crimes drug bust

Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit Makes Drug Arrest

Eugene, OR – Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit developed information Aaron Graeme Weinberg, age 37, was selling heroin and suspected fentanyl pills at a motel in the 1400 block of W. 6th Avenue. On December 8, surveillance was set up and short-stay traffic was observed coming to and from the location.   The next day, […]