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Beware of PayPal Crypto Currency Bank Scams

Eugene, Ore. – Eugene Police Department Financial Crimes Unit is warning people about a scam involving PayPal and Bitcoin. A Eugene woman was contacted by a scammer text pretending to be from “PayPal security.”   She was warned there was a problem with a recent transaction, which she had not made. When she called the […]

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Moving Company Scams Alert

Eugene, Ore. – The Eugene Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit has received increased complaints regarding moving company scams. Since there are open investigations, detectives cannot divulge specific issues about the cases, but would like to alert the public about possible scams. Many of these cases cross multiple state lines and jurisdictions. The federal government has […]

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City of Eugene Credit Card Scam is Going Around

Eugene, Ore. – “I couldn’t fall prey to a scam!” That’s what everyone thinks. But, there are so many scams out there that if you are in the right situation, you might get taken off guard. Eugene Police received a report from a man in another part of the state noting he had gotten a […]