Combined Police Call logs for Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County Sheriff's Office. Calls are shown in order starting with the most recent. Eugene delays call data by 2 hours. LCSO updates their call data twice a day. You can narrow search results using the filters at the bottom of the data table.
Description Dispatch_Date_Time Disposition Location City Agency
Person Stop 10/04/2022 05:45 AM ADVI 1620 MOHAWK BLVD SPR SPD
Disorderly Subject 10/04/2022 04:42 AM UTL 456 HARLOW RD SPR SPD
Dispute 10/04/2022 03:36 AM RSLV 5312 MAIN ST SPR SPD
Location Stolen Property 10/04/2022 02:42 AM REPT 23RD ST/A ST SPR SPD
Suspicious Condition(s) 10/04/2022 02:08 AM REPT 4663 ASTER ST SPR SPD
Dispute 10/04/2022 02:02 AM REPT 48 W 27TH AVE EUG EPD
Person Stop 10/04/2022 01:59 AM PERS 5415 MAIN ST SPR SPD
Person Stop 10/04/2022 01:49 AM ADVI LAWRENCE ST/W 6TH AVE EUG EPD
Disorderly Juvenile(s) 10/04/2022 01:46 AM ADVI 5335 DAISY ST SPR SPD
Unknown Problem 10/04/2022 01:34 AM WELC 782 E BROADWAY EUG EPD
Description Dispatch_Date_Time Disposition Location City Agency