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Eugene, Ore. – A vehicle theft suspect is in custody after barricading himself in a stranger’s home in the Pleasant Hill area this morning.


The Lane County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police responded to the area of Edenvale Rd. and Filbert Ln. at approximately 8:30am. A citizen reported that their vehicle had been stolen from a location in Eugene and loaded onto a flatbed trailer. The citizen followed the vehicle until it became stuck in the mud at an address off of Edenvale Rd.


Joey Lee Whittaker (2021 mugshot)

Responding units arrived at which time the suspect fled on foot and barricaded himself in a nearby house. Deputies and troopers quickly established a perimeter and began loud-hailing the suspect. The Eugene Police Explosives Disposal Unit also responded and were able to safely approach the residence with the use of a remotely controlled robot. The suspect was located, by the robot, hiding near a couch inside the residence. He eventually surrendered and exited the residence. He was taken into custody without incident.


A rifle was also located inside the suspect vehicle.


The suspect was identified as 45 year old Joey Lee Whittaker of Springfield. Whittaker is currently in the Lane County Jail.


Here are Whittaker’s charges:



(News Release from Lane Co. Sheriff’s Office
Posted on FlashAlert: January 17th, 2022 3:19 PM)

fatal crash


Oakridge, Ore. – On Saturday, January 15, 2022, at approximately 6:46 PM, Oregon State Police and emergency personnel responded to report of a motor vehicle versus pedestrian crash on Hwy 58 near milepost 35.


Preliminary investigation revealed a westbound white Kia Soul, operated by Robert Anthony Fraser (53) of Oakridge, struck a pedestrian, Dale Michael Roberts (71) of Oakridge, who was crossing the lanes of travel.


Roberts sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased while being transported to an area hospital. Investigation revealed FRASER displayed indicators of impairment and was subsequently arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants. Further charges will be determined by the Lane County District Attorney at the completion of the investigation.


OSP was assisted by Oakridge Police Department, Oakridge Fire Department and ODOT.


(News Release from Oregon State Police
Posted on FlashAlert: January 16th, 2022 8:03 AM)

stabbing news graphic

Police Respond To Stabbing In Washington Jefferson Park

Eugene, Ore. – On January 15, at around 9:26 a.m., police and Fire personnel responded to information of a man who had been stabbed in Washington Jefferson Park, and received information that the assault happened following a dispute between two men who had been staying at the location. Several patrol officers responded to the area and attempted to locate the described male suspect.


During Patrol’s response, a Eugene Police Parks Patrol officer contacted a man in Washington-Jefferson Park who matched the description of the suspect. The investigation is ongoing.


The 28-year-old victim was transported to the hospital with a non threatening laceration injury sustained during the assault.



(information directly from EPD)


Shots Fired at WOW Hall, Six People Transported to Local Hospital

Eugene, Ore. – On January 14 9:29 p.m., there were reports of multiple shots fired at WOW Hall, 219 W. 8th Avenue.  Eugene Police and multiple law enforcement agencies responded, along with Eugene Springfield Fire.  Six people were transported to a local hospital for treatment.  This incident is under active investigation.


Interview with EPD Chief Skinner.  Description of shooter is included:


Case 22-00850

We will update as information becomes available.



Eugene Police are releasing a tip line for last night’s WOW Hall shooting (541.682.5162) and are seeking any witness information to help investigators with the case. The only potential suspect description at this time is a male with a hoody. There is no suspect in custody at this time. Detectives are actively working the investigation and ask the public to call with any relevant information or video/photos to that tip line.
On January 14 9:29 p.m., there were reports of multiple shots fired at WOW Hall, 219 W. 8th Avenue. Eugene Police and multiple law enforcement agencies responded, along with Eugene Springfield Fire.
Police officers arrived within 2.5 minutes to a hectic scene of people who had been shot near the walkway/back entrance to Wow Hall, with a loud and frantic crowd. The officers quickly provided medical aid to victims, including applying tourniquets and pressure to wounds, mitigating any potential threats, and coordinating with arriving Eugene Springfield Fire medic units for a safe response to further treat the injured victims. The response included 25 Eugene Police Patrol Units plus multiple detective units, with the first arrival.
We are thankful to Lane County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Springfield Police, and UO Police Department, who provided additional quick response alongside us. Eugene Springfield Fire responded with five medics, four paramedic engine companies and four chief officers. Eugene Police Forensic Evidence Unit responded as well. Central Lane 911 received at least 30 emergency calls.
One victim remains in critical condition, and the remaining five are stable. All of the victims with the exception of one are from out of town and appear to have traveled here for the concert. Two are female and four are male.
Five patients were transported last night to a local hospital and one patient self-transported as a walk-in to a hospital.
Case 22-00850

Lane County Man Sentenced to 75 Months in Sex Abuse Case

Eugene, Ore. – A Lane County man was sentenced to 75 months in prison on Jan. 12th, 2022, from a 2019 sex abuse case.


Juan Marcos Ballangrud was in court for a 2013 incident that landed him in jail back in 2019. Ballangrud spent 2 years, 8 months, 12 days in jail before being transferred today to Coffee Creek Correctional Facility for intake.


Juan Marcos Ballangrud (2019 mugshot)

JUAN MARCOS BALLANGRUD was convicted on two counts of Sex Abuse in the First Degree, and acquitted on one count of Sodomy in the First Degree, according to court records. Minimum sentencing for Sex Abuse 1 is  6 years, 3 months, according to measure 11 guidelines.

Ballangrud will spend 75 month in prison, minus his times served in the Lane County Jail. Ballangrud will also, once rereleased from prison, serve 45 months of Post-Prison Supervision.

(information from official online court records, and official jail records)

armed robbery

EPD Units Team up to Find Two Street Robbery Suspects

Eugene, Ore. – On January 10 at 10:52 p.m., a Eugene man, age 30, went to Skinners Butte to meet up with a woman. The man reported he arrived and a woman got into his truck and demanded money, then robbed him at gunpoint. She fled in a sedan driven by a man. The victim did not know either person and he followed the sedan in his truck from Skinners Butte Park to north bound Delta Highway. The woman fired a gun at the truck near the intersection of Delta Highway and the Valley River Drive bridge.



The victim was able to find the female suspect online and provided a photo. A license plate for the sedan was also found. Eugene Police Property Crimes Unit began working the case and identified the woman as Cylie Laylani Hepton, age 29.



Cylie Laylani Hepton (2021 mugshot)

At 3:03 p.m. on January 11, a robbery was reported in the parking lot of Costco after a suspect tried to steal a customer’s purse out of her vehicle while she was putting her shopping cart away and juggling a toddler. The victim, age 31, jumped behind the suspect’s vehicle to block them in but the suspect backed the vehicle up into her while she was holding her child. A second female, age 41, stood in front of the vehicle, allowing the victim to grab her purse back from a woman sitting the passenger side of the suspect’s vehicle. The vehicle was the same one as involved in the Skinner’s Butte incident. As the vehicle was fleeing, the victim took photos of the suspect vehicle and occupants.



Christopher Tyler Lundy (2021 mugshot)

On January 11 at around 8:35 p.m., the Street Crimes Unit located Hepton and the male accomplice, later identified as Christopher Tyler Lundy, age 25, in a sedan in front of a local hotel in the 1100 block of W. 6th Avenue. With the assistance of EPD SWAT, they were both detained. Hepton was in possession of a handgun in her waistband. Both Hepton and Lundy were transported to Lane County Jail and lodged on a charge of Robbery in the First Degree, and warrants. Case 22-00563 and case 22-00624.



Police are seeking additional witness who may have observed the incident which occurred at Costco, particularly any cell phone video which may have been taken. Additionally, police have reason to believe Hepton may have committed additional similar armed robberies recently. Police would like to encourage victims to come forward, regardless of the circumstance which led to meeting Hepton and are including Hepton’s mugshot for this purpose.



Please contact Detective Trotter at 541-682-5168 if you have any additional information or if you were a victim of Hepton.

(information directly from EPD)


Oregon Criminal Justice Commission Releases STOP Data

Eugene, Ore. – A report released by Oregon Criminal Justice Commission or the most  recent state-wide Statistical Transparency of Policing Report (STOP) data has found no evidence Eugene Police Department conducts traffic or pedestrian stops, enforcement actions, searches, or arrests in disparate proportions for Black, Native America, Middle Easter, or Asian populations. For Latinx populations the report found disparities in one of three analyses, specifically for citations and or for the combined measure of all dispositions i.e., citation or search or arrest. There was no indication of disparity for the stops themselves or for searches and arrests. This indicates that it is likely the only relevant disparity is for citations and not the other outcomes. Eugene Police will further analyze its results and work with the Latinx community on follow-up to the report findings. Eugene Police Department was not referred to DPSST for additional technical assistance. Of all qualifying stops that are made by EPD officers, 100 percent are reported, as EPD has an internal compliance program.


From July 2020 through June 2021, Eugene Police Department made 13,164 stops. 16 percent of these stops were of pedestrians and 84 percent were traffic stops. Of all reported stops, Eugene Police stopped white (85.4%), Latinx (6.8%), Black (5.5%), Asians (2.0%), Native American (0.2%), and Middle Eastern (0.0%).


The CJC’s report uses three different analysis:


  • Veil of Darkness (variations in daylight)
  • Predicted disposition analysis (stop outcomes- citations, searches, arrests)
  • KPT Hit Rate Analysis (rate of successful searches)

In one of those, Predicted Disparity analysis, EPD’s citation rate for the Latinx the citation rate was 40.1 percent (the predicted rate is 34.0 percent), the Citation/Search/Arrest combined was 42.1 percent (the predicted rate is 37.3 percent). In the Latinx group, there were no disparities for stops, searches or arrests. There were also no disparities found in the Veil of Darkness or KPT Hit Rate analyses. There were no findings of disparity in EPD’s data for any other demographic groups for all three analyses: veil of darkness, KPT Hit Rate, Predicted Disparity.


“Having the information puts us on top of any trends we need to pay attention to,” said EPD Chief Chris Skinner. “Our results were similar to last year’s in that Latinx did not have disparity for stops themselves, but in the outcome of citations, there was a disparity. I don’t want to see even one disparity for any group and will tap our resources to find out more. We welcome the scruitiny on the STOPS data each year to help us ensure there are no differences in how demographic groups are treated.  We will work with our Crime Analysis Unit and with Latinx community on this going forward.”


Oregon CJC STOP Report


Agency Data



To determine if disparities identified in this report warrant additional in-depth state-level analysis and/or technical assistance from the Oregon Department of Public safety standards and training, stop program researchers reviewed the results of each of the three analyses conducted on the stop program data. For each individual analysis an estimated disparity must meet the 95% confidence level for it to be statistically significant. Further following best practices for a law enforcement agency to be identified as one requiring further analysis as well as DPSST technical assistance, it must be identified as having a statistically significant disparity in two of the three analytical tests performed on the stop data including the following:


  • Veil of Darkness (variations in daylight)
  • Predicted disposition analysis (stop outcomes- citations, searches, arrests)
  • KPT Hit Rate Analysis (rate of successful searches)

Eugene Police had disparity in one out of three tests for the Latinx population, and that was in the predicted disposition analysis.


Eugene Police Department’s activity with STOP began in 2012, well ahead of the 2017 passage of House Bill 2355. “That’s a good indicator of our intentional work to ensure this community has information about how we conduct our stops. We want our community’s trust and having our stops evaluated is an important component,” said Skinner. “We have a longstanding training program for implicit bias, emphasis on professionalism, and strong cultural values for fairness and equity. We are going to ensure our community is experiencing professional service without discrimination toward any individual or group.”


Much work by Eugene Police, Police Commission and community groups and individuals has gone into developing this program and accompanying policy. EPD worked to consolidate guidance to officers in the new Professional Stops policy, which was developed following recommendations by the Police Commission. EPD also prepared a pilot project to collect and analyze demographic data on vehicle stops. The pilot project and policy development processes have included a panel of community experts and people with first-hand experience of bias, and a public forum to gather input from members of our community. EPD consulted with a number of technical experts for advice on software design and implementation. These individuals include officers, representatives from K-12 schools, higher education, ACLU, NAACP and the governor’s Law Enforcement Contacts Commission. EPD included the Department of Justice best-practices for this program.

(information directly from EPD)


Citizen Helps Stop Suspect During Foot Chase

Springfield, Ore. – On Saturday night at 7:35pm Officers of the Springfield Police Department responded to a report of a shoplifting theft at Walmart. 2 suspects fled the store after being confronted by employees. Officers located the suspects a few blocks away and attempted to stop them.


One cooperated, the other ran from the scene. The first suspect was quickly taken into custody. Additional responding Officers began searching for the second suspect. On several occasions citizens waved down Officers and pointed to where the suspect had run. Because of these citizens, Officers located the suspect, IZAAK VAUGHN WATSON, behind Burrito Boy on Olympic St. He came out of hiding and began running again. As he rounded the corner toward Sonic, he ran alongside cars waiting in the drive thru.



IZAAK VAUGHN WATSON (2021 mugshot)

Seeing the Officer closing in on the suspect, a customer opened his driver’s door as the suspect ran by which slowed the suspect enough for the Officer to safely take him into custody. The Officer later commented “This is why I love working in this city. Our citizens are so great!” While we do NOT recommend citizens directly engage with suspect’s because we never know how they will react, we greatly appreciate community involvement in helping us solve cases and prevent crime. From the initial callers who provided excellent descriptions, to the bystanders who pointed us in the direction the suspect ran, to the citizen who slowed the suspect during the foot chase, this case demonstrates the true meaning of community involved policing. Without their collective help, the suspect may not have been apprehended.



As Officers worked through their investigation, they learned that IZAAK VAUGHN WATSON was wanted by SPD for strangulation in connection to an earlier domestic violence incident in December. He was transported and lodged at the Lane County Jail.


(information from SPD)

train crash

Fatal Pedestrian vs Train Crash

Eugene, Ore. – Central Lane 911 received a call at 3:27 a.m. today, January 6, regarding a fatal crash between a pedestrian and train at Railroad Boulevard and North Polk Street. Eugene Police responded, as well as Lane County Medical Examiner. The crash is under investigation.


We will update as this is an ongoing investigation.

(information from EPD)


Police Need Your Help Finding Possible Victims of Theft

Eugene, Ore, – Eugene police are trying to find possible victims of theft in the area of 30th and Hilyrd St.


Description of Suspect:
Suspect is very tall, and big, and carries things that intimidate the employees. He dresses in what appears to be body armor, with his face painted. Often carrying a machete and/or a fake gun. The suspect is alleged to go into Albertson’s on Hilyard most every day and is suspected of stealing from them. He appears to do the same thing to multiple other stores in the area.


Travis William Jones (2021 mugshot)

Suspect is believed to be Travis William Jones, age 30 of Eugene.


If you, or someone you know, believes to have been a victim of this suspect, please contact EPD Officer Brown at: 541-735-2245