Police Call log for Eugene, Oregon. Calls are shown in order starting with the most recent. Eugene delays call data by 2 hours. You can narrow search results using the filters at the bottom of the data table.
Description Dispatch_Date_Time Disposition Location Agency
Disorderly Subject 09/29/2022 01:28 AM UTL E 17TH AVE/HIGH ST EPD
Disorderly Subject 09/29/2022 01:04 AM RSLV 1625 HENDERSON AVE SPD
Traffic Stop 09/29/2022 12:43 AM WARN E BROADWAY/FERRY ST EPD
Alarm, Hold Up 09/29/2022 12:14 AM PCHK 4678 ISABELLE ST EPD
Traffic Stop 09/28/2022 10:57 PM ADVI FRANKLIN BLVD/E 19TH AVE SPD
Illegal Fireworks 09/28/2022 09:55 PM INFO JESSEN DR/HWY 99N EPD
Disorderly Subject 09/28/2022 09:24 PM ADVI 253 E ANCHOR AVE EPD
Reckless Driving 09/28/2022 09:20 PM GOA W 7TH AVE/GARFIELD ST EPD
Traffic Hazard 09/28/2022 09:17 PM GOA RIVER RD/CROCKER LN EPD
Suspicious Vehicle(s) 09/28/2022 08:56 PM PCHK SNOWBERRY RD/ROCKROSE LN EPD
Description Dispatch_Date_Time Disposition Location Agency