1 Arrested/63 Cited In Lieu of Custody by EPD Weekend Party Patrols

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Posted: May 15, 2022

Eugene, Ore. – In response to the disorderly party incidents in the west University area on April 23 and again on May 7, Eugene Police staffed a heavy patrol presence over the weekend with emphasis on the west University area. The patrols enforced all levels of infractions, moving beyond the initial education-first approach due to the unruly and dangerous behavior that has been occurring. Overtime patrols were staffed Friday and Saturday nights.


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At 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 14, eight patrol officers responded to a large party at 1915 Hilyard St. that became an Unruly Gathering, following earlier noise complaints made by area residents. During this event, approximately 100 people had gathered at the residence. While officers were contacting tenants of the home hosting the party, police received varying levels of cooperation from them and party-goers. During this time, three glass bottles were thrown over the fence at officers from the large group in the backyard of the home. One tenant was lodged at the Lane County Jail and six others were issued citations in lieu of custody for related offenses. Once again, some parents were present and partaking in the festivities at the residence.


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As officers conducted focused patrols in the area during the night, they repeatedly encountered highly derogatory and vocal groups of students during stops. An unknown group from an upper level apartment near the intersection of 18th and Patterson hurled objects, to include eggs, at officers’ patrol cars as they drove through the area.


Throughout the weekend, activity included the following:


Officers lodged the following person from the incident at 1915 Hilyard St. at Lane County Jail for related party offenses:

Lucas, Ethan 21 years Prohibited Noise (misdemeanor); Unruly Gathering (violation)  (released on bail)


Officers issued (13) misdemeanor citations in lieu of custody for Prohibited Noise:

Anez, Everett 21 years             Wood, Joshua 21 years

McCabe, Michael 21 years      Dalton, Sarygh 21 years

Jordan, Jermain 22 years       Torres Jr, Fernando 22 years

Jolly, Zachary 21 years            Guinness, Nicholas 20 years

Urban, Grant 23 years             Anderson, Joseph 21 years

Jansky, Zachary 22 years        Wasserman, Eric 21 years

Saucedo, Andrew 21 years


Officers issued (50) misdemeanor citations in lieu of custody for Open Container:

Wilson, Nate 20 years                   Hassard, Jacob 22 years

Louderback, Joseph 21 years       Pilgoard, Victor 20 years

Wilborn, Pilotte 19 years               Zencius, Charles 46 years

Vandling, Marla 46 years            Connors, Keaton 21 years

Pogue, Malcom 24 years               Askew, Calvin 22 years

Wakeley, Jack 25 years                 Gomez, Greyson 21 years

McDonald, Ryan 22 years            Damas, Bryce 21 years

Alishio, Cooper 22 years               Owen-Kennedy, Jevon 21 years

Eagan, Bradley 21 years                Auld, William 24 years

Waddell, Ryan 21 years                 Tripaldi, Richard 21 years

Watson, Chloe 21 years                 Archer, Jacob 23 years

Scott, Azariyah 21 years                Kootnekoff, Benjamin 23 years

Thornton, William 23 years         Milionis, Jenna 22 years

Elmore, Kess 23 years                   FenglerJohnson, Alex 23 years

Kennedy, Benjamin 21 years       Romero, Anjelica 18 years

Ester, Amy 55 years                       Neumann, Lauren 21 years

Hampton, Jada 19 years                Duone, Nhi 20 years

Cameron, Cory 23 years                Holloway, Skylar 22 years

Al-Najyar, Manna 21 years           Wooding, Alicia 21 years

Campbell, Parker 21 years            Price, Paris 21 years

Hoenig, Kennedy 22 years            Amzel, Ella 21 years

Fletes, Miguel 21 years                  Andrews, Jacob 21 years

EsterShaw, Zoe 21 years                Dean, Samuel 23 years

Estep, Erin 54 years                      Moody, Drake 24 years

Conche, Rachel 22 years               Walker, Melissa 21 years



Officers issued (25) violation citations for Minor in Possession of Alcohol; (1) violation citation for Urinating in Public; and (4) violation citations for Unruly Gathering. Additional citations are still pending from events throughout the weekend.


The social host, or Ordinance on Unruly Gatherings, holds individuals criminally responsible for hosting, organizing and allowing an unruly event or social gathering. The Eugene Municipal Court has assigned a base fine of $375 for criminal violations of this ordinance. Additionally, property owners where the event is hosted may also be penalized if there are multiple violations of this ordinance. Both hosts and property owners may be civilly liable for police, fire and public works response costs that fall under this ordinance, at an estimated cost of $800 per incident.


Property owners where tenants were issued citations under this ordinance will receive letters in the coming days notifying them of activity at their property, as well as their potential obligation for subsequent events. For more information: SOCIAL HOST


(Information from EPD, and jail records)

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